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#90 Allow to ignore small changes of attribute values Christian Franke enhancement minor 5.39.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#60 DEVICESCAN and hotplug somebody enhancement major 5.39.1
#695 Incorrect serial number in email report after drive replacement enhancement minor 6.3
#1190 smartd not writing attributes (-A) for NVMe devices enhancement minor 7.2
#1222 Smartd should ignore non-error entries from NVMe Error Information log enhancement minor 7.0
#1284 Allow smartd to monitor xselftest log enhancement minor
#1586 DEVICESCAN -n standby could work for SCSI & SAS devices too enhancement minor
#1639 no description for -d nvme in smartd.conf defect minor 7.3
#1649 Support NVMe self-tests in smartd enhancement minor
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