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#943 NetBSD regression in smartmontools 6.6 defect critical 6.6 fixed
#687 os_freebsd.cpp: Support NVMe device scanning Alex Samorukov enhancement major fixed
#871 cciss: Add option to disable SAT auto detection Christian Franke enhancement major 6.5 fixed
#1036 DEVICESCAN / --scan fails if multiple types specified Christian Franke defect major 6.6 fixed
#1134 Read NVMe SMART/Health Information failed: NVMe Status 0x6002 defect major 6.6 worksforme
#117 IDENTIFY of USB devices may not work on bigendian NetBSD platforms Alex Samorukov defect minor 5.40 fixed
#698 Support nvme nvd device IDs Alex Samorukov enhancement minor 6.5 wontfix
#919 Make Copyrights and Licenses Computer Readable: add SPDX Identifiers Christian Franke enhancement minor 6.5 fixed
#921 musl libc - canonicalize_file_name Christian Franke patch minor 6.6 fixed
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