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#1614 Add more status strings for ASC 0xb Doug Gilbert patch minor 2 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1440 'smartctl -n standby' wakes up Adaptec HBA adapter drives defect major 7.2 3 years
#1504 defect - WD Elements external hard drive errors with "not capable of SMART self-check" defect major 3 years
#1527 linux megaraid: opening the device for ioctls with O_RDWR causes a partition rescan patch major 7.2 3 years
#1641 smartctl.exe -d aacraid on Windows crashing when called with full path to binary defect major 7.3 2 years
#1765 IOCTL_ATA_PASS_THROUGH fails with DRQ set (Intel PCH AHCI) defect major 7.3 8 months
#215 Read xerror and append new error(s) to log file somebody enhancement minor 5.42 12 years
#230 Areca device for Windows not showing in --scan somebody enhancement minor 5.43 12 years
#292 Some Seagate drives play loose with the usage of some fields, confuses calculations somebody enhancement minor 6.2 11 years
#513 Windows spins up and down disk even when ''-n standby'' is used defect minor 6.3 10 years
#690 os_solaris.cpp: Add NVMe support for Solaris and IllumOS enhancement minor 8 years
#819 KINGSTON SUV400S37120G: badly formed scsi parameters defect minor 6.5 7 years
#820 Would like to contribute to making smartctl a static library task minor 6.5 7 years
#826 Old OCZ-Vertex2 drive: badly formed scsi parameters defect minor 6.5 7 years
#1067 Add Samsung specific NVMe pass-through access via NVMe Security commands enhancement minor 6.6 6 years
#1070 SSDSC2KB019T7R scsi error badly formed scsi parameters defect minor 6.2 6 years
#1213 Access smart data from devices behind Megaraid software stack (ESRT2) enhancement minor 6.6 5 years
#1290 QNAP-TR002 Port Multiplier does not provide SMART data enhancement minor 4 years
#1310 WDC WD80EFAX - error badly formed scsi parameters defect minor 7.0 4 years
#1313 Beware of SMR drives in CMR clothing enhancement minor 4 years
#1342 Prolific PL2507 (0x067b:0x2507) defect minor 7.1 4 years
#1451 Requesting -d sat entry for JMicron 0x152d:0x0583 (conflict with -d sntjmicron) enhancement minor 3 years
#1486 HP P500 portable SSD not being correctly handled (0x090c:0x1000) enhancement minor 3 years
#1499 Support to KINGSPEC-NE-512 (0x174c:0x2362, ASM2362) enhancement minor 7.2 3 years
#1512 Deprecate the mailing list in favor of StackExchange enhancement minor 3 years
#1609 JMicron USB bridges may return empty sense data on error enhancement minor 7.3 2 years
#1674 Add support for QNAP QDA-A2MAR (JMicron JMS562) enhancement minor 19 months
#1685 Support for HighPoint controller with EJ340 extender enhancement minor 18 months
#1710 Single PERC H700 HDD through HyperV as scsi device defect minor 7.2 15 months
#1759 My external hard drive won't work with your software (Seagate Backup Plus 8TB) defect minor 9 months
#1773 smartctl --scan can not detect the disks behind a megaraid controller on Dell Poweredge R620 with windows os enhancement minor 7.3 8 months
#1837 Add NVMe "by-id" symlinks to "-d by-id" device scanning enhancement minor 6 weeks
#1849 Device name /dev/nvme0n1 not accepted on FreeBSD defect minor 7.4 2 weeks

Status: reopened (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1515 smartctl crash with aacraid and adaptec 6805 on Windows defect major 7.2 3 years
#645 Highpoint RocketRAID 2680SGL support (Windows) enhancement minor 6.4 8 years
#719 Prolific PL2773 USB3.0/eSATAII-to-SATAII bridge via eSATA not working enhancement minor 6.5 8 years
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