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  • ChangeLog

     22016-08-18  Casey Biemiller <cbiemiller@intelliprop.com>
     4    ataprint.h: Added iprop_args to act as an interface for IntelliProp
     5        controller specific commands.
     7        atacmds.cpp/h: Added GPL Write log to the available ata commands.
     9        smartctl.cpp/.h, smartctl.8.in: Added the option --iprop-routecmd.
     10        The option --iprop-routecmd is used for routing commands, like
     11        SMART commands, to specific ports on a raid device with an
     12        Intelliprop controller.
     14    Makefile.am: Added intelliprop.cpp/h to the list of files.
     16        Added intelliprop.cpp/.h to handle commands specific to
     17        IntelliProp controllers.
    3192016-08-17  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>
    521        AUTHORS: Add Song Liu.