Ticket #1529: Smart.def

File Smart.def, 16.5 KB (added by Alex Samorukov, 15 months ago)
201=Read Error Rate
302=Throughput Performance
403=Spin-Up Time
504=Start/Stop Count
605=Reallocated Sectors Count
706=Read Channel Margin
807=Seek Error Rate
908=Seek Time Performance
1009=Power-On Hours
110A=Spin Retry Count
120B=Recalibration Retries
130C=Power Cycle Count
140D=Soft Read Error Rate stab
15B7=SATA Downshift Error Count
16B8=End-to-End Error
17B9=Head Stability
18BA=nduced Op-Vibration Detection
19BB=Reported Uncorrectable Errors
20BC=Command Timeout
21BD=High Fly Writes
22BE=Airflow Temperature
23BF=G-Sense Error Rate
24C0=Power-off Retract Count
25C1=Load/Unload Cycle Count
27C3=Hardware ECC recovered
28C4=Reallocation Event Count
29C5=Current Pending Sector Count
30C6=Uncorrectable Sector Count
31C7=UltraDMA CRC Error Count
32C8=Write Error Rate
33C9=Soft Read Error Rate
34CA=Data Address Mark Error
35CB=Run Out Cancel
36CC=Soft ECC Correction
37CD=Thermal Asperity Rate
38CE=Flying Height
39CF=Spin High Current
40D0=Spin Buzz
41D1=Offline Seek Performance
42D3=Vibration During Write
43D4=Shock During Write
44DC=Disk Shift
45DD=G-Sense Error Rate
46DE=Loaded Hours
47DF=Load/Unload Retry Count
48E0=Load Friction
49E1=Load/Unload Cycle Count
50E2=Load 'In'-time
51E3=Torque Amplification Count
52E4=Power-Off Retract Cycle
53E6=GMR Head Amplitude
55E8=Endurance Remaining
56E9=Media Wareout Indicator
57F0=Head Flying Hours
58F1=Total Host Writes
59F2=Total Host Reads
60FA=Read Error Retry Rate
61FE=Free Fall Protection
6401=Read Error Rate
6502=Throughput Performance
6603=Spin-Up Time
6704=Start/Stop Count
6805=Reallocated Sectors Count
6906=Read Channel Margin
7007=Seek Error Rate
7108=Seek Time Performance
7209=Power-On Hours
730A=Spin Retry Count
740B=Recalibration Retries
750C=Power Cycle Count
760D=Soft Read Error Rate stab
77C0=Unsafe Shutdown Count
79C4=Reallocation Event Count
80C5=Current Pending Sector Count
81C6=Uncorrectable Sector Count
82F1=Total Host Writes
83F2=Total Host Reads
84FF=Remaining Life
8701=Read Error Rate
8809=Power-On Hours
890C=Power Cycle Count
90B8=Initial Bad Block Count
92C3=Program Failure Block Count
93C4=Erase Failure Block Count
94C5=Read Failure Block Count
95C6=Total Count of Read Sectors
96C7=Total Count of Write Sectors
97C8=Total Count of Read Commands
98C9=Total Count of Write Commands
99CA=Total Count of Error bits from flash
100CB=Total Count of Read Sectors with Correctable Bit Errors
101CC=Bad Block Full Flag
102CD=Maximum PE Count Specification
103CE=Minimum Erase Count
104CF=Maximum Erase Count
105D0=Average Erase Count
106D1=Remaining Drive Life
10909=Power-On Hours
1100C=Power Cycle Count
112E5=Halt System ID, Flash ID
113E8=Firmware Version Information
114E9=ECC Fail Record
115EA=Average Erase Count, Max Erase Count
116EB=Good Block Count, System Block Count
11903=Spin Up Time
12004=Start/Stop Count
12105=Re-Allocated Sector Count
12209=Power-On Hours Count
1230C=Power Cycle Count
124C0=Unsafe Shutdown Count
125E1=Host Writes
126E8=Available Reserved Space
127E9=Media Wearout Indicator
128B8=End to End Error Detection Count
129AA=Available Reserved Space
130AB=Program Fail Count
131AC=Erase Fail Count
132BB=Uncorrectable Error Count
133AE=Unexpected Power Loss
134E2=Timed Workload Media Wear
135E3=Timed Workload Host Read/Write Ratio
136E4=Timed Workload Timer
137F1=Total LBAs Written
138F2=Total LBAs Read
139F9=Total NAND Writes
140B7=SATA Downshift Count
142C7=CRC Error Count
143AF=Power Loss Protection Failure
145C5=Pending Sector Count
146EA=Thermal Throttle Status
14905=Reallocated Sector Count
15009=Power-on Hours
1510C=Power-on Count
152AA=Unused Reserved Block Count (Chip)
153AB=Program Fail Count (Chip)
154AC=Erase Fail Count (Chip)
155AD=Wear Leveling Count
156AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
157AF=Program Fail Count (Chip)
158B8=Error Detection
159E9=Normalized Media Wear-out
160B0=Erase Fail Count (Chip)
161B1=Wear Leveling Count
162B2=Used Reserved Block Count (Chip)
163B3=Used Reserved Block Count (Total)
164B4=Unused Reserved Block Count (Total)
165B5=Program Fail Count (Total)
166B6=Erase Fail Count (Total)
167B7=Runtime Bad Block (Total)
168BB=Uncorrectable Error Count
169BE=Airflow Temperature
171C3=ECC Error Rate
172C6=Off-Line Uncorrectable Error Count
173C7=CRC Error Count
174C9=Super cap Status
175CA=SSD Mode Status
176EB=POR Recovery Count
177F1=Total LBAs Written
178F2=Total LBAs Read
18101=Raw Read Error Rate
18205=Retired Block Count
18309=Power-on Hours
1840C=Power Cycle Count
1850D=Soft Read Error Rate
18664=Gigabytes Erased
187AA=Reserve Block Count
188AB=Program Fail Count
189AC=Erase Fail Count
190AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
191B1=Wear Range Delta
192B5=Program Fail Count
193B6=Erase Fail Count
194B8=Reported I/O Error Detection Code Errors
195BB=Reported Uncorrectable Errors
197C3=On-the-Fly ECC Uncorrectable Error Count
198C4=Reallocation Event Count
199C6=Uncorrectable Sector Count
200C7=SATA R-Errors (CRC) Error Count
201C9=Uncorrectable Soft Read Error Rate
202CC=Soft ECC Correction Rate
203E6=Life Curve Status
204E7=SSD Life Left
205E8=Available Reserved Space
206EB=SuperCap health
207F1=Lifetime Writes from Host
208F2=Lifetime Reads from Host
21101=Read Error Rate
21202=Throughput Performance
21303=Spin-Up Time
21405=Reallocated Sectors Count
21507=Seek Error Rate
21608=Seek Time Performance
21709=Power-On Hours
2180A=Spin Retry Count
2190C=Power Cycle Count
220A8=SATA PHY Error Count
221AF=Bad Cluster Table Count (ECC Fail Count)
222C0=Unexpected Power Loss Count
224C5=Current Pending Sector Count
225AA=Bad Block Count
226AD=Erase Count
22901=Raw Read Error Rate
23005=Reallocated NAND Blocks
23109=Power On Hours
2320C=Power Cycle Count
2330D=Soft Error Rate
2340E=Device Capacity (NAND)
2350F=User Capacity
23610=Spare Blocks Available
23711=Remaining Spare Blocks
23864=Total Erase Count
239AA=Reserved Block Count
240AB=Program Fail Count
241AC=Erase Fail Count
242AD=Average Block-Erase Count
243AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
244B4=Unused Reserve NAND Blocks
245B5=Unaligned Access Count
246B7=SATA Interface Downshift
247B8=Error Correction Count
248BB=Reported Uncorrectable Errors
249BC=Command Timeout Count
250BD=Factory Bad Block Count
252C3=Cumulative ECC Bit Correction Count
253C4=Reallocation Event Count
254C5=Current Pending Sector Count
255C6=Smart Off-line Scan Uncorrectable Error Count
256C7=Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate
257CA=Percent Lifetime Used
258CE=Write Error Rate
259D2=Successful RAIN Recovery Count
260EA=Total Bytes Read
261F2=Write Protect Progress
262F3=ECC Bits Corrected
263F4=ECC Cumulative Threshold Events
264F5=Cumulative Program NAND Pages
265F6=Total Host Sector Writes
266F7=Host Program Page Count
267F8=Background Program Page Count
27001=Raw Read Error Rate
27105=Reallocated Sectors Count
27209=Power-On Hours
2730C=Power Cycle Count
2740D=Soft Error Rate
2750E=Device Capacity (NAND)
2760F=User Capacity
27710=Spare Blocks Available
27811=Remaining Spare Blocks
27964=Total Erase Count
280AA=Reserved Block Count
281AB=Program Fail Count
282AC=Erase Fail Count
283AD=Average Block-Erase Count
284AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
285B4=Unused Reserve NAND Blocks
286B7=SATA Interface Downshift
287B8=Error Correction Count
288BB=Reported Uncorrectable Errors
289BC=Command Timeout Count
290BD=Factory Bad Block Count
292C3=Cumulative ECC Bit Correction Count
293C4=Reallocation Event Count
294C5=Current Pending Sector Count
295C6=Smart Off-line Scan Uncorrectable Error Count
296C7=Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate
297CA=Percent Lifetime Used
298CE=Write Error Rate
299D2=Successful RAIN Recovery Count
300EA=Total Bytes Read
301F3=ECC Bits Corrected
302F4=ECC Cumulative Threshold Events
303F5=Cumulative Program NAND Pages
304F6=Total Host Sector Writes
305F7=Host Program Page Count
306F8=Background Program Page Count
307A0=Uncorrectable Sector Count
308A1=Valid Spare Blocks
309A3=Initial Invalid Blocks
31094=Total SLC Erase Count
31195=Maximum SLC Erase Count
31296=Minimum SLC Erase Count
31397=Average SLC Erase Count
314A4=Total TLC Erase Count
315A5=Maximum TLC Erase Count
316A6=Minimum TLC Erase Count
317A7=Average TLC Erase Count
318A9=Percentage Lifetime Remaining
319B5=Program Fail Count
320B6=Erase Fail Count
321C0=Power-off Retract Count
322E8=Available Reserved Space
323F1=Total LBA Write
324F2=Total LBA Read
325F5=Total TLC Write Count
326F6=Total SLC Write Count
327F7=RAID Recovery Count
33001=Raw Read Error Rate
33103=Spin Up Time
33204=Start Stop Count
33305=Reallocated Sectors Count
33409=Power-On Hours
3350C=Power Cycle Count
337E8=Total Count of Write Sectors
338E9=Remaining Life
33964=Total Blocks Erased
340A7=SSD Protect Mode
341A8=SATA PHY Error Count
342A9=Bad Block Count
343AD=Erase Count
344B8=Factory Bad Block Count
345C0=Unexpected Power Loss Count
346CA=Total Number of Corrected Bits
347CD=Max Rated PE Counts
348CE=Minimum Erase Counts
349CF=Maximum Erase Counts
350D3=SATA Uncorrectable Error Count
351D4=NAND Page Reads During Retry
352D5=Simple Read Retry Attempts
353D6=Adaptive Read Retry Attempts
354DD=Internal Data Path Uncorrectable Errors
355DE=RAID Recovery Count
356E6=Power Loss Protection
357FB=NAND Read Count
358F1=Total Host Writes
359F2=Total Host Reads
36201=Read Error Rate
36305=Reallocated Sectors Count
36409=Power-On Hours
3650C=Power Cycle Count
366C0=Unsafe Shutdown Count
368C4=Reallocation Event Count
369C6=Uncorrectable Sector Count
370F1=Total LBA written
371F2=Total LBA read
372B1=Wear Leveling Count
373B2=Used Reserved Block Count (Worst Case)
374B5=Program Fail Count (Total)
375B6=Erase Fail Count (Total)
376BB=Uncorrectable Error Count
377C7=CRC Error Count
378E8=Available Reserved Space
379AA=Grown Bad Blocks
380AB=Program Fail Count (Total)
381AC=Erase Fail Count (Total)
382AD=Average Program/Erase Count (Total)
383AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
384AF=Program Fail Count (Worst Case)
385B0=Erase Fail Count (Worst Case)
386B3=Used Reserved Block Count (Total)
387B4=UnUsed Reserved Block Count (Total)
388B7=SATA Interface Down Shift
389B8=End-to-End Data Errors Corrected
390BC=Command Time out
391C3=ECC rate
392E9=NAND GB written
39505=Retired Block Count
39609=Power On Hours
3970C=Power Cycle Count
398AA=Reserve Block Count
399AB=Program Fail Count
400AC=Erase Fail Count
401AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
402BB=Reported Uncorrectable Errors
404E8=Remaining Life
405F1=Total Host Writes
406F2=Total Host Reads
40905=Accumulated Runtime Bad Blocks
41009=Power-On Hours Count
4110C=Power Cycle Count
412AB=Available Over-Provisioned Block Count
413AE=Power Cycle Count (Unplanned)
414BB=Total Uncorrectable NAND Reads
416C3=Total Programming Failures
417C4=Total Erase Failures
418C5=Total Read Failures (Uncorrectable)
419C6=Host Reads
420C7=Host Writes
421D0=Average Erase Count
422D2=SATA CRC Error Count
423E9=Remaining Life
424F9=Total NAND Programming Count
425F1=Total Host Writes
426F2=Total Host Reads
42764=Total Blocks Erased
428B8=Factory Bad Block Count Total
429CA=Total Number Of Read Bits Corrected
430CD=Max Rated PE Count
431CE=Min Erase Count
432CF=Max Erase Count
433D4=Total Count NAND Pages Reads Requiring Read Retry
434D5=Total Count of Simple Read Retry Attempts
435D6=Total Count of Adaptive Read Retry Attempts
436DD=Internal Data Path Protection Uncorrectable Errors
437DE=RAID Recovery Count
438E0=In Warranty
439E1=DAS Polarity
440E2=Partial Pfail
441E6=Write Throttling Activation Flag
442F9=Total NAND Programming Count (pages)
443FB=Total NAND Read Count
44601=Raw Read Error Rate
44705=Retired Block Count
44809=Power On Hours
4490C=Power Cycle Count
450AA=Reserve Block Count
451AC=Erase Fail Count
452AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
453B5=Program Fail Count
454BB=Reported Uncorrectable Errors
456C4=Reallocation Event Count
457E7=SSD Life Left
458F1=Lifetime GB Written
459F2=Lifetime GB Read
46201=Read Error Rate
46302=Throughput Performance
46403=Spin-Up Time
46504=Start/Stop Count
46605=Reallocated Sectors Count
46707=Seek Error Rate
46808=Seek Time Performance
46909=Power-On Hours
4700A=Spin Retry Count
4710B=Recalibration Retries
4720C=Power Cycle Count
473A7=SSD Protect Mode
474A8=SATA PHY Error Count
475A9=Total Bad Block Count
476AD=Erase Count
477C0=Unexpected Power Loss Count
479C4=Reallocation Event Count
480C5=Current Pending Sector Count
481C6=Uncorrectable Sector Count
482F1=Total Host Writes
483F2=Total Host Reads
48605=Reallocated Block Count
48709=Power On Hours
4880C=Power Cycle Count
489A6=Min W/E Cycle
490A7=Max Bad Block/Die
491A8=Maximum Erase Cycle
492A9=Total Bad Block
493AB=Program Fail Count
494AC=Erase Fail Count
495AD=Average Erase Cycle
496AE=Unexpected Power Loss Count
497BB=Reported Uncorrectable Errors
499D4=SATA PHY Error
500E6=Percentage Total P/E Count
501E8=Spare Block Remaining
502E9=Total GB Written To NAND
503F1=Total GB Written
504F2=Total GB Read
507BB=Total Erase Count
51001=Read Error Rate
51102=Throughput Performance
51203=Spin Up Time
51305=Reallocated Sectors Count
51407=Seek Error Rate
51508=Seek Time Performance
51609=Power-On Hours
5170A=Spin Retry Count
5180C=Power Cycle Count
519A8=SATA PHY Error Count
520AA=Bad Block Count
521AD=Erase count
522AF=Bad Cluster Table Count
523BB=Uncorrectable Errors
524C0=Unsafe Shutdown Count
526C4=Later Bad Block Count
527C5=Current Pending Sector Count
528C7=CRC Error Count
529DA=CRC Error Count
530E7=SSD Life Left
531E9=Lifetime Writes to Flash
532F0=Write Head
533F1=Host Writes
534F2=Host Reads
535F4=Average Erase Count
536F5=Max Erase Count
537F6=Total Erase Count
54005=Number of New Bad Block
54109=Power-On Hours
5420C=Power Cycle Count
543A4=Total Erase Count
544A5=Max Erase Count
545A6=Min Erase Count
546A7=Average Erase Count
547C0=Power off Retract Cycle
549C7=Sata CRC Error
550F1=Total Written(GB)
551F2=Total Read(GB)
55401=Read Error Rate
55505=Reallocated Sectors Count
55609=Power On Hours
5570C=Power Cycle Count
558A0=Uncorrectable Sector Count on Line
559A1=Num Pure Spare
560A4=Total Erase Count
561A5=Max Erase Count
562A6=Min Erase Count
563A7=Avg Erase Count
564C0=Power Off Retract Count
566C3=Hardware ECC recovered
567C4=Reallocation Event Count
568C6=Uncorrectable Sector Count Off Line
569C7=UDMA CRC Error
570EF=Fw Update Count
571F1=Write Sector Count
572F2=Read Sector Count
573F3=Backup Block Count
574F4=Erase Error Event Count
575FA=Low Voltage Count
576FB=Static Wear Leveling Count
577FC=Data Refresh Count
578FD=CODE Refresh Count
58201=Read Error Rate
58305=Reallocated Sectors Count
58409=Power On Hours
5850C=Power Cycle Count
586A0=Uncorrectable Sector Count On Line
587A1=Number Of Pure Spare
588A3=Number Of Initial Invalid Block
589A4=Total Erase Count
590A5=Max Erase Count
591A6=Min Erase Count
592A7=Average Erase Count
593A8=Max Erase Count In Spec
594A9=Remain Life Percentage
595B1=WearLeaveling Count
596B5=Program Fail Count
597B6=Erase Fail Count
598C0=Power Off Retract Count
599C2=Controller Temperature
600C3=Hardware Ecc Recovered
601C4=Reallocation Event Count
602C5=Current Pending Sector Count
603C7=USMA Crc Count
604E8=Available Reserved Space
605F1=Write Sector Count(32MB)
606F2=Read Sector Count(32MB)
607F5=Flash Write Count(32MB)
61001=Read Error Rate
61105=Number of New Bad Block
61209=Power-On Hours
6130C=Power Cycle Count
614A0=Uncorrectable Sector Count On Line
615A1=Number of Pure Spare
616A3=Number of Initial Invalid Block
617A4=Total Erase Count
618A5=Max Erase Count
619A6=Min Erase Count
620A7=Average Erase Count
621A8=P/E Cycle
622A9=Remain Life Percentage
62394=Total Erase Count of SLC
62495=Max Erase Count of SLC
62596=Min Erase Count of SLC
62697=Average Erase Count of SLC
627B1=Wear Leveling Count
628B5=Program Fail Count
629B6=Erase Fail Count
630BB=Uncorrectale Error Count
631C0=Power off Retract Cycle
633C3=Cumulative ECC Bit Correction Count
634C4=Reallocation Event Count
635C5=Current Pending Sector Count
636C7=UDMA CRC Error
637E8=Available Reserved Space
638F1=Total LBAs Written(Unit:32MB)
639F2=Total LBAs Read(Unit:32MB)
640F5=Total Flash Written(Unit:32M)
64301=Number of ECC error
64409=Power on hours
6450C=Power on/off cycle
646A8=SATA PHY error count
647AA=Total early/later bad block
648AD=Max/Avg erase count
649C0=Unexpected power loss count
651DA=CRC error count
652E7=SSD life left
653F1=Host Write(GB)
65605=New Bad Block Count
65709=Power-on Hours Count
6580C=Drive Power Cycle Count
659A7=SSD Protect Mode
660A8=SATA PHY Error Count
661A9=Bad Block Count
662AB=Program Fail Count
663AC=Erase Fail Count
664AD=Erase Count
665AF=Bad Cluster Count
666B1=Read Retry Count
667B4=Spare Block Count Left
668BB=Uncorrectable Error Count
670C7=UltraDMA CRC Error Count
671CE=Minimum Erase Count
672CF=Maximum Erase Count
673D0=Average Erase Count
674D1=SLC Minimum Erase Count
675D2=SLC Maximum Erase Count
676D3=SLC Average Erase Count
677E7=SSD Life Left
678F1=Total LBA written
679F2=Total LBA Read
680F5=Bit Error Count
68301=Critical Warning
68402=Composite Temperature
68503=Available Spare
68604=Available Spare Threshold
68705=Percentage Used
68806=Data Units Read
68907=Data Units Written
69008=Host Read Commands
69109=Host Write Commands
6920A=Controller Busy Time
6930B=Power Cycles
6940C=Power On Hours
6950D=Unsafe Shutdowns
6960E=Media and Data Integrity Errors
6970F=Number of error information log entries