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Utility to control and monitor storage systems with "S.M.A.R.T."
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temp_dev_state Struct Reference

Non-persistent state data for a device. More...

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Public Member Functions

 temp_dev_state ()

Public Attributes

bool must_write
bool not_cap_offline
bool not_cap_conveyance
bool not_cap_short
bool not_cap_long
bool not_cap_selective
unsigned char temperature
time_t tempmin_delay
bool powermodefail
int powerskipcnt
unsigned char SmartPageSupported
unsigned char TempPageSupported
unsigned char ReadECounterPageSupported
unsigned char WriteECounterPageSupported
unsigned char VerifyECounterPageSupported
unsigned char NonMediumErrorPageSupported
unsigned char SuppressReport
unsigned char modese_len
uint64_t num_sectors
ata_smart_values smartval
ata_smart_thresholds_pvt smartthres
bool offline_started
bool selftest_started

Detailed Description

Non-persistent state data for a device.

Definition at line 417 of file smartd.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

temp_dev_state::temp_dev_state ( )

Definition at line 453 of file smartd.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned char temp_dev_state::modese_len

Definition at line 441 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::must_write

Definition at line 419 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::NonMediumErrorPageSupported

Definition at line 439 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::not_cap_conveyance

Definition at line 422 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::not_cap_long

Definition at line 424 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::not_cap_offline

Definition at line 421 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::not_cap_selective

Definition at line 425 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::not_cap_short

Definition at line 423 of file smartd.cpp.

uint64_t temp_dev_state::num_sectors

Definition at line 444 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::offline_started

Definition at line 447 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::powermodefail

Definition at line 430 of file smartd.cpp.

int temp_dev_state::powerskipcnt

Definition at line 431 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::ReadECounterPageSupported

Definition at line 436 of file smartd.cpp.

bool temp_dev_state::selftest_started

Definition at line 448 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::SmartPageSupported

Definition at line 434 of file smartd.cpp.

ata_smart_thresholds_pvt temp_dev_state::smartthres

Definition at line 446 of file smartd.cpp.

ata_smart_values temp_dev_state::smartval

Definition at line 445 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::SuppressReport

Definition at line 440 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::temperature

Definition at line 427 of file smartd.cpp.

time_t temp_dev_state::tempmin_delay

Definition at line 428 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::TempPageSupported

Definition at line 435 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::VerifyECounterPageSupported

Definition at line 438 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char temp_dev_state::WriteECounterPageSupported

Definition at line 437 of file smartd.cpp.

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